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Events & Festivals

Events & Festivals

The Ancient Church Of The East has a range of events; religious festivals. These are generally held during each month. Items denoted by blue are the major event. Some events and festivals may vary according to the ancient calendar. Please click here to view current Events.


  • St. Mary the Virgin day
  • Feast of the Epiphany, St. Zaia day
  • St. John the Baptist day
  • Rogation of the Virgins
  • St. Peter, St. Paul and the four Evangelists day


  • St. Stephan the first Martyr day
  • Western Teachers day
  • Rogation of Nineveh
  • Assyrian Teachers day
  • St. Rabban Pithyoun day
  • Anniversary of Ordainment of H.H MAR ADDAI II Catholicos Patriarch
  • Mar Aba Catholicos day


  • Friday of the Departed
  • The Entrant Sunday of Lent
  • St. George the Martyr day
  • Wednesday of mid Lent